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You seem to be man of reason. I beg you, please have your producers stop reporting on the Wake County school board. Enough is enough. The entire viewing area does not care about the disfunction of the Wake County School Board. It's a national embarrasment to the State of NC.

lana haines

I just read your blog, and it is interesting, I will continue to read. I am glad you started a nice blog to go to. I look at channel 11 every day.

Paula Henderson

John, I am enjoying your blog. I wanted to share a story about a friend of mine. Her name is Janel Davey Carroll and she is currently fighting for her life at Durham Regional. She was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and has been in and out of ICU. There is a special page on facebook
that is following her battle. The wonderful thing about it is that there are people all across the country and beyond that have come together (many of them complete strangers) to pray for her and her family. God is being glorified as He works miracles in her life.

John Clark

Paula, I apologize for being late checking these comments. What's the latest on your friend?

Karen Millen Outlet

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